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Sunday, April 09, 2006


Growing up in a neighboring community, I was always envious of swimmers populating the Dormont Pool. Its sloped edges (now considered a safety hazard and outlawed), its giant once-present mushroom fountain, and its proximity to whizzing cars and a horseshoe ring pitch competiton, all captured my imagination from the back seat of my mom's vehicle as a kid. Somehow the water was always a brighter shade of blue, always crisper, always more inviting than the community pool I frequented. Heading to the Dormont pool, for a change of scenery, was a rare but adventurous outing, despite the fact that given my motivation on the right day, I could have headed there on foot any old summer day I liked. Today, as in recent years, this historic, 86-year old pool faces extinction. Today's robust rally drew easily over 200 Dormont residents, most of whom arrived on foot, and local politicians, with kids and families flocking to the site to rustle passing crowds and collect donations in coffee cans. Looks like 30K will get us one more summer, yet close to 3 milion is required for a proper full-scale restoration and future operations. With a myraid of structural issues, including aging deep cracks leaking gallons and gallons of water daily, the pool's fate stands in more severe jeapardy than ever. In 2001, the 1.4 million gallon Dormont Pool was named the region's Best Public Pool in a City Paper poll. Along with Ligonier Beach, the Dormont pool remains as one of the state's oldest and largest. The day's highlight had to be the hand-lettered cardboard sign held by a young boy that read: "Save Dormont Pool Or Else There Would Be An Angry Mop!!!"

Won't you consider helping us save this glorious Pittsburgh attraction and community treasure? Donations are accepted at the National City Branch in Banksville Plaza.


Blogger pghcitiboy said...

What a shame! Much of family lives in Beechview and I remember going to Dormont Pool as a kid. I hope it really doesn't close.

8:05 AM  
Blogger freshpopcorn said...

It is devastating and the latest news is NOT good.
FYI, donations are being accepted at the National City Branch in Banksville Plaza!

8:28 AM  
Blogger babday2 said...

how can you make dormont pool a strip mall and the park townhouses?

11:53 AM  

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