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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Be My (ABA) Valentine

After an extended hiatus of 30+ years, the ABA is back in Pittsburgh in the form of the Xplosion! The Condors called it quits in 1972, while the Pipers are even more ancient. I don't think I've seen the interior of the space-age Civic Arena since Kinks and Grateful Dead concerts of my youth. The seats were uneven, the popcorn was dear, and star player Armon Gilliam, who we went to witness, did not suit up due to an injury suffered at the recent ABA All*Star game, where he was voted
MVP. Coleco Buie led the action on the courts last night. Snapped these mid-air moves in the cold air and articifcal light from the third row. I have always preferred those red, white & blue basketballs. Check out vintage ABA action at Remember the ABA.


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